Ladies Self Defense Seminars

(LEAP:  Ladies Empowerment Awareness Program)

Ages 12 years old and up

Stop living in fear and take control of your life back!  Through this program you will find strength and power you never knew you had and learn the skills to help ward off an attacker.

We will be teaching four 3 hour sessions throughout the year.  Feel free to pick and choose the sessions you wish to receive training in.  Each session starts the first hour with learning target areas, ways to strike and kick with the strongest parts of your body.  This ensures that whether you are new or reviewing, the foundation/basics are always covered.

Expect from this program increased self confidence, awareness and self esteem!


Session 1:  Saturday, February 3rd   10:00am - 1:00pm
      - Target Areas; Strikes; Kicks
      - How to get out of various Wrist Grabs, Collar Grabs, Hair Grabs

Session 2:  Saturday, March 10th.    10:00am - 1:00pm
      - Target Areas; Strikes; Kicks
      - How to get out of various Chokes (from standing, up against the wall and on the ground)

Session 3:  Saturday, June 9th.        10:00am - 1:00pm
      - Target Areas; Strikes; Kicks
      - How to get out of Bear Hugs (frontal and behind); How to get to the ground safely; How to throw an attacker

Session 4:  Saturday, October 13th   10:00am - 1:00pm
      - Target Areas; Strikes; Kicks
      - Ground defense work

Cost for Ladies Self Defense Sessions:  $10 per person per session ages 12 and up.     
 $5 per person for Middle/High School/College with proof school I.D. 



"LEAP is a wonderfully complex and complete program. Not only are you taught how to defend yourself, but you have a good time doing it. Jaci and Carol are wonderful teachers and counselors. In LEAP, you are taught how to defend your body, but the education doesn't stop there. You learn how to defend your spirit, your soul, everything that makes up who you are."

-LEAP student